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Kudo Care Center Introduces New Concierge Membership Program with Coverage for Medical, Dental and Vision Care

Kudo Care Center is pleased to announce the official launch of their new concierge membership program. Dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate care, this multi-specialty clinic provides comprehensive medical, dental and vision services for individuals as well as families. This concierge membership program has been designed to provide healthcare, dental and vision services to patients as a monthly membership, covering all three specialties of the clinic.

Kudo Care Concierge Membership is available for all ages with special discounts for each additional family member. Just by paying a one-time activation charge and an affordable monthly fee, members will have access to medical, dental, and vision. Additional coverage includes preventive care visits such as dental cleanings, routine eye exams and a full yearly physical exam including routine labs. Members will also receive handsomely discounted rates on an unlimited number of follow-up, and sick or urgent care visits. The program certainly offers a great opportunity for the uninsured patient and their families to reduce their overall out of-pocket costs.

In addition to the Kudo Care Premium plan covering medical, dental, and vision, individual plans are also available for all three specialized areas of the clinic. More about the Kudo Care Concierge Membership program can be found at

With a panel of prominent doctors specializing in the care of medical, dental and vision problems, Kudo Care Clinic has years of experience in the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions that are acute and chronic in nature. The clinic accepts most forms of medical insurance and works with self-pay patients depending on their treatment needs.

Optimistic and excited about the launch of the new Concierge Membership Program, the head of the clinic’s medical division, Dr. AJ Nguyen, said, “We are very excited to be delivering this new membership program to the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. This is something that patients have been requesting for many years, and finally, we are able to deliver it to them.”

About Kudo Care Clinic: Kudo Care Clinic is one of the most trusted medical facilities in Irving, TX for all types of medical, dental and vision services. They are known in this region for delivering quality, compassionate care for the whole family at an affordable price. With experienced doctors and the latest technology, Kudo Care has treated numerous minor and major emergencies with a great track record.