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Digital Xrays with Sensor Plate (Technology)

Dental imaging has moved from the days of film, which for years has been reliable, easy and relatively cheap giving good results. Photos today are barely used by film on a traditional camera, but instead taken using a mobile phone.

In today’s world, the way forward is moving on to the world of digital. Dental x-rays are as much a part of the dental practice as is a drill or a dental chair. Digital X ray sensors, with digital detector type image plates, are the latest technology that improves the dental imaging industry.

Dental imaging for dental purposes now uses digital X ray sensors in addition to connected networks and applicable software. Sized to accommodate both adult sized mouths and child-sized mouths, digital sensors work in hand with intraoral cameras and are a more convenient way of providing X ray images for dentists to properly diagnose teeth and oral complications.

Digital X ray sensors are easy to use with intraoral cameras and minimize exposure to harmful radiation. When the sensor is placed in the patients mouth, a click of a button and the image is almost instantly displayed on a computer screen; the image can be viewed and edited quickly.

The use of digital X ray sensors is a fairly new innovation in the dental industry. Where large X ray machines were once the norm for all dentist offices, the incorporation of digital X ray sensors offers dentists more brilliant images for their patients. The advantage is a quicker, more accurate reading of these imagines and saves dental money by preventing continued visits to address dental issues.

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