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URI (Upper Respiratory Infection)

Use humidifier in your bedroom. Sleep with head of be elevated. Drink plenty of water. Take Zyrtec for runny nose and use Flonase nasal spray. Consider Neti Pot. Use sore throat lozenges for your cough and sore throat. Continue your albuterol nebs every 4 hours. You can take your Robitussin and Mucinex as well See Doctor tomorrow. We may not continue oral steroids if there is a history of ulcers but may need to start you on some. Stop steroids if any abdominal pain or black or bloody stools. Start the steroids in the morning and do not take ibuprofen within 6 hours. Take steroids with food. Monitor your symptoms closely. Return if any new or worsening symptoms. Take Zofran or Pyridoxine B6 25mg 3 times a day every day and Unisom 12.5 mg every 6 -8 hours for nausea and Ginger 500mg every 8 hours. Eat small frequent meals nausea and stay on bland diet. Continue Tylenol for discomfort or headache .Take Robaxin for the muscle aches but do not drive or operate machinery or care for others within 6 hours of taking because it will make you sleepy including increased cough shortness of breath fever or decreasing peak flow. Monitor peak flow and increase frequency of nebs if decreasing.

URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) – (PDF)