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Stainless Steel Crown

Stainless steel crowns are metal caps that are used as an alternative to silver and tooth-colored fillings. These strong metal caps are used to repair a decayed baby molar (back tooth) and prevent it from decaying further. These strong metal caps cover the entire tooth and are hard to lose or damage. They are made to fit the exact size of the shape of a child’s molar and cap teeth with large or deep cavities. These caps have a smooth polished surface which makes them easy to clean and most last for four years or more.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Crowns:

  • Offers an alternative to removing a decayed tooth
  • Keeps a space in your child’s mouth for a permanent tooth
  • Will fall out naturally when the baby tooth falls out
  • Contain only safe metals
  • Are simple to apply
  • Durable and inexpensive

If the tooth is severely damaged due to dental decay and the pulp also needs to be treated (pulpotomy), no additional local anesthesia is required for the crown placement since anesthesia would have been administered already during pulp treatment. However, if the procedure involves only placing the crown, then some local anesthesia may be injected into the gums so there is no discomfort.

A soft latex sheet called a rubber dam is inserted into the mouth to isolate the tooth that is being treated. This also helps in keeping the working area free of moisture thus increasing visibility for the dentist and prevents inhalation of any debris. Once the crown is selected and the shape contoured, the cement is mixed and put on the insides of the crown which is then fitted on the tooth. The rubber dam is removed and the child is asked to bite hard on the crown so that all the excess cement is removed. Finally, the tooth is cleaned and flossed.

A stainless steel crown will not protect the rest of your child’s teeth from decay. It will protect only the tooth it covers from further decay. Therefore, it is imported to make sure your child continues to take care of their teeth by providing them with a healthy, low-sugar diet, ensuring they brush teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, and visit their dentist regularly.