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We Offer Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Services All in One.

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We are committed to convenient and affordable care with experienced physicians and the latest technology. We can treat any minor or major medical emergency with little to no wait time.

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Our passion is to provide quality comprehensive care with every individual. Our goal is to enhance or restore the beauty of your smile while maintaining your oral health.

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Our mission is to deliver excellent comprehensive & compassionate care to patients of all ages. Our commitment is to the health of your eyes and quality of your vision.

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Meet Our Irving Doctors

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Dr. AJ Nguyen

Dr. AJ Nguyen received his doctorate degree in 2007 at the Texas A&M Health Science Center and is board certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. He holds a certification in Wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine as well as a certification in disability evaluation. He holds...
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Dr. Anh Q Nguyen

Dr. Anh Quynh Nguyen (Dr. Quynh) was born in Vietnam and came to the U.S. when she was 9 years old in 1996. She received her B.S. in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University in 2007, her MBA in Project Management at America Intercontinental University in 2008, and her D.D.S....
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Dr. Alexandra Ly

Dr. Alexandra Ly received her doctorate in optometry in 2006 from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. She returned to Houston, Texas and opened her private practice in 2011. In 2017, she moved to Dallas to join Kudo Care Optometry in the vision department. Dr. Ly is licensed...

What's New?

Complete Dental Crown Guide: Cost, Procedures, And Benefits

Dental crowns, commonly called dental caps, are adaptable dental restorations that can help a damaged or weak tooth regain shape, function, and appearance. If you're thinking about getting a dental...

What are the risks of not getting a root canal?

It can be frightening to consider getting a root canal, but it's crucial to understand that this dental operation is frequently required to save a tooth and avoid more serious...

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction and When It’s Necessary

The removal of a tooth from its bone socket, or tooth extraction, is a dental surgery that may occasionally be required to preserve oral health. Although dentists try to keep...
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Taking Care Of Your Health

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Our panel of doctors specialize in the care of Medical, Dental and Vision problems. Our years of experience will help in the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions that are acute and chronic in nature.

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We are a convenient, multispecialty office focused on quality care for the lifetime needs of the complete individual and their families for Medical, Dental and Vision.

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We accept many Medical, Dental and Vision plans. Click here for a menu of plans we accept or call our office today with your plan information. We also offer programs for uninsured patients for Medical, Dental and Vision.

Looking for a Doctor in Irving, Texas?

Our doctors take the time to explain the results of your exam, describe your options and listen to your needs.

Because maintaining good eye, dental and physical health is an ongoing partnership, we encourage you to ask questions and share your health information, which could be vital to monitoring, diagnosing and treating potential problems.


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