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ADEC Chair with Built in Piezo and Electric Handpiece

Our ADEC dental chairs provide exceptional patient comfort with unique cushioning that reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across the patient’s entire body as well as designed to flex and conform. Our chairs provide an efficient working environment that maximizes dentist’s access while providing your dentist and the patient comfort.

Our dental chairs are also equipped with a built-in dental Piezo scaler and electric handpiece. Piezo scalers provide a level of superior performance and gentle comfort during scaling, endo, perio, and restorative procedures.

Electronic handpiece allows for more precise tooth preparations and done with less noise and vibration. They offer the advantage of more torque, which can translate to smooth and consistent cutting ability across a wide range of speeds.

Our state-of-the art ADEC chairs provide the ultimate comfort for patients and help make your dental visit a relaxing and positive experience.

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