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Get your BioTe® today!

It’s true. Money can’t buy you happiness. But BioTE just might. Revolutionary advancements have led to the creation of BioTE, a pellet designed to restore the hormone balance to youthful levels in men and women.

Here at Kudo Care, we recently partnered with BioTe Medical to provide you a low-maintenance solution to treat hormone imbalance. Kudo Care’s BioTE treatment will get your body to feel like your 20s again! Get BioTE today!


What is BioTe?

BioTE® is a Bio-Identical form of hormone therapy that seeks to return the hormone balance to youthful levels in men and women. BioTE is conducted via a pellet insertion into the body once every few months as needed in order to balance the body’s hormones.

Why BioTe?

BioTe has been scientifically proven to improve the mood and energy of the patient. Countless testimonials describe drastic increases in energy and motivation as well as a more positive, happy feeling.

How do I know if the pellets are right for me?

A hormonal imbalance may display signs that vary from depression and anxiety to night sweats and sleeplessness. To find out if BioTE® is right for you, please call and schedule a consultation with our doctor. Blood work will be performed in order to determine your hormone levels. Once the doctor reviews and determines BioTE® is right for you, we will schedule an appointment for insertion.

Do I have blood work done before each Treatment?

No, only initially and 4-8 weeks later to set your dosing. You may have it done again if there are significant changes.

What are the pellets made from?

They are made from wild yams and soy. Wild yams and soy have the highest concentration of hormones of any substance. There are no known allergens associated in the BioTE® pellet, because once the hormone is made it is no longer yam or soy.

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment will last 3-6 months depending on the person. If you are physically active, under a lot of stress, or under constant heat, your treatment may not last as long. This is because the absorption rate of the hormones into the body is based on cardiac output.

Is the therapy FDA approved?

The ingredients of the BioTE® pellets are FDA approved and regulated, the process of making pellets is regulated by the State Pharmacy Board, and the distribution is regulated by the DEA and Respective State Pharmacy Boards. The PROCEDURE of placing pellets is NOT an FDA approved procedure.

How is BioTe administered?

The doctor will implant the pellets in the fat under the skin of the hip. A small incision is made in the hip where the pellets are inserted. No stitch is required.

Will it matter if I’m on birth control?

No, because the doctor will determine your hormonal needs are even if you are on birth control.

Are there any side effects?

The majority of side effects are temporary and typically only happen on the first dose. All are very treatable. There are no serious side effects.

What if I’m already on HRT in the form of creams, patches, or pills?

This is a relatively easy transition. The doctor will be able to determine your needs even if you may be currently taking other forms of HRT.

What if I’ve had breast cancer?

Breast cancer survivors and/or those who have a history of breast cancer in their family may still be a candidate; however, this is to be determined by the physician. You should schedule a consultation with the Doctor for confirmation.

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